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Due to the passing of our founder Fran Withers, as of September 2023, we are currently evaluating our upcoming breeding plans. There are still plans to have one to two litters a year in Michigan, along with the upcoming litters listed.

For 2024, we will be breeding (sires for some of these litters are all still pending):

Tanzi and Huck will be the first litter in Georgia for 2024.

Mysti will be bred in Georgia in early summer 2024.

Dax and Remi litter will be whelped in Florida in 2024.

Karma will be bred in the summer of 2024 for her final litter in Alabama.

Annika and Cooper will be bred in spring of 2024 in Michigan.

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AKC Breeder of Merit ParticipantAKC Breeder of Merit Participant

Dynasty Miniature American Shepherds is proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit.

The Only MAS Breeder with Three BIS Winners

Dax has become our third homebred Best in Show Winner. Dynasty is the only MAS breeder to have bred three BIS winners. In addition, they are all tricolor, which makes this more impressive! These three are all related to each other.

Remi becomes the only BIS male Miniature American Shepherd in AKC breed history

Remi becomes the only BIS male Miniature American Shepherd in AKC breed history! It is an honor to have our very first Best in Show. Many thanks to Judge Mr. Bill Edwards for such a prestigious win. 6/3/16, Riverside West Kennel Club of Greater New Orleans, Inc., Biloxi, MS.

Photo: © Luis F. Sosa

Epic wins his first Best in Show

Epic wins his first Best in Show, defeating over 900 dogs at Flatirons Kennel Club in Estes Park, Colorado under Judge Shelley Hennessey and Group Judge Mr. Robert Robinson on June 30, 2021

Photo: © Dan Pearson

Dax earns Best in Show at the Greater Ocala Dog Club

Dax earns Best in Show at the Greater Ocala Dog Club in Ocala, FL in November 2022

Photo: © Meyer Photo By Rick

Dynasty Mini AmericansBreeding for Health, Structure, Temperament and Versatility

At Dynasty Miniature American Shepherds, we pride ourselves on quality. We are very selective in our breeding program and with that we produce a small number of litters each year. Our owners become part of our extended family and we enjoy keeping up-to-date on pups' progress. We invite you to take a look at our dogs and welcome any questions regarding our breeding program. The Miniature American Shepherd moved to the Herding Group in July 2015.

All breeding stock have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) ratings (hip), eyes cleared and scissors bite. With all of the newly available DNA testing, many are also tested for extensive DNA results. All testing results are posted on each dog's page and links to OFA and CAER records are viewable.

Learn more about the Miniature American Shepherd breed standard:
AKC Meet the Miniature American Shepherd: Featuring Fran Withers and GCH Dynasty's Designed to Impress, CM "Desi"
MASCUSA: The Breed Standard

We have some amazing Co-Owners and Dynasty Dog Owners that are out there having a great time with the Dynasty Dogs they own. To see what the dogs have been up to, please visit our News page.

If you are an owner and would like to share your information on what you and your dog are doing, please email us and remember that we love to have testimonials too!

Kim Johnson, Hinesville Georgia, (912) 572-3045

Fran Withers' YouTube Channel

For videos about how your puppy was raised, how to train them when they come home, how to show a dog in AKC, traveling with your dog, home remedies, and more, visit Fran Withers' YouTube Channel.