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Dynasty Mini AmericansFran Withers lived in Georgia for ten years and met Kim Johnson in Savannah, Georgia in 2002. Fran was impressed with all the hard work that Kim did for Aussie rescue. Kim is very dedicated to the cause and has been instrumental in placing countless Aussies in wonderful homes. Fran immediately agreed when Kim asked if she could help with some evaluations and basic training for incoming rescue dogs.

It was our mutual love for the breed that introduced us and we have cherished our friendship ever since. We are now sister kennels with two kennel locations, one in Michigan and one in Georgia, under the Dynasty Miniature American Shepherds kennel name. Fran had been the sole owner of Dynasty for 15 years and was proud to have Kim as a kennel partner. We are very excited about our bright future, breeding and showing high quality, top contenders in the Midwest, East coast and Southern states. We love hearing from our pet/companion homes as well. Knowing our puppies are out there enriching lives all over America as well as internationally, is very rewarding.

Dynasty Minis TeamDynasty Minis' success comes from teamwork. Fran and Kim both plan for and whelp the litters. Fran is the one who spends the first few months with the show prospects before they move South to start their career. Fran also presents several of the dogs in the ring and has several owner handler group placements. Kim raises and trains puppies and presents them in puppy shows and also has done some owner handler showing with our dogs. Our handler, Arvind DeBraganca, and his wife Joyce spend hours training, grooming and presenting our dogs. They are an integral part of our team.

Photo: Fran Withers with Ember, Arvind DeBraganca with Remi and Deacon, Kim Johnson with Blaze and Kenya in Ohio in November 2016.

Fran Withers

Fran WithersI am Fran Withers. I live on 52 acres in a small town in South West Michigan. I have bred, trained and loved Australian & American Shepherds for over twenty years. I enjoy the mini size, as they are much easier to get onto grooming tables, travel with, bathe and are generally easier to maintain. They are everything I loved about the Aussie, in a smaller package.

I now have more time to dedicate to getting to the shows in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. I am really enjoying getting out in the show ring and having fun with my dogs and other like-minded people. Yes, we are all dog crazy.

Our young dogs have done very well in the ring since we achieved full AKC recognition and I am very excited to see what the coming years will bring. I train and/or compete in Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience and Canine Good Citizen Certification. I am an AKC Breeder Judge and a professional Puppy Puzzler (I evaluate litters for their structure to determine which puppies are show/breed quality and which would be sold as pets). I am looking forward to watching our breed grow and achieve big things within the AKC family.

For videos about how your puppy was raised, how to train them when they come home, how to show a dog in AKC, traveling with your dog, home remedies, and more, visit my YouTube Channel.

Kim Johnson

Kim JohnsonI, Kim Johnson, live in Hinesville, Georgia, near Savannah, where military retirement brought our family. I was introduced to Australian Shepherds over 18 years ago when we purchased our first dog from a pet store (big mistake). Ginger is the first dog I ever owned and quickly fell in love with the breed. We have since lost Ginger to cancer, but she remains in our hearts. She led me into rescue, where I have helped Aussies, Mini Aussies and other breeds for the past ten years. Along the way, I adopted my older boy, Rex, who was my heart dog and was my first mini. He got me hooked. He lived with us for over ten years and passed away in June 2013 at the ripe old age of at least 15! I currently have three dogs that reside with me: Xena, Remi and Bootsie. Xena has long retired from showing, but her accomplishments live on in her great-great-grandpups.

Ref started my love of showing from the time he was a puppy and it has been exciting to watch the new generations move forward. Ref has taught me so much about owning a true show dog and his biggest moment was his win at Eukanuba for the Best of Breed in 2012. He was the very first Miniature American Shepherd to have that honor. Along with his show ring accomplishments, he also served as a service dog to a soldier with PTSD, a therapy dog, and a R.E.A.D. dog for schoolchildren. Remi has done his father Ref proud in quickly becoming a record-setting Miniature American Shepherd. Remi won the 2013 Eukanuba Best of Breed and went on to win the MISC BIS for 2013; the first Miniature American Shepherd to accomplish that. Remi went on to live up to his name of Triple Crown becoming the first MAS MISC BIS Winner at Eukanuba, first AKC Champion for MAS, and the first MAS to win the Breed at Westminster Kennel Club. Remi retired from the show ring and he and I have ventured into new things. He has earned his CGC, his first trick dog title, and we are trying Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing.

I enjoy raising puppies with the help of my husband and grandchildren. They are always around to help out and our puppies leave here well socialized. I enjoy traveling to the shows to watch our dogs and take a special interest in working with Junior Handlers.

For the love of an Aussie

A glint in the eye foretells the mischievous
A lick of the hand, don't take life so serious
Yearning to bond they melt at your touch
Your heart swells, to love so much
To their loyalty there is no end
Unconditional love to offer, loneliness and hurting hearts to mend
Over your safety and happiness they claim dominion
They think you're incredible, don't seek a second opinion
Witnessing their birth, watching them grow, I am in awe
Tears or anguish dissolve at the touch of a concerned paw
Intelligence and silent dignity revealed in their maturity
Guiding us to experience joy and laughter in all of its purity
To feel upon your return, the happiness that abounds
With appreciation and love your heart surrounds
Never again to come home, struck by silence
A true companion, a lifetime of reliance
To lift your spirit you meet there adoring eyes
The truth you see, the love the world denies

Fran Withers
March 2009

A Higher Standard

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. All breeding stock have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) ratings (hip), eyes cleared and scissors bite. With all of the newly available DNA testing, many are also tested for extensive DNA results.

AKC Breeder of Merit Participant

AKC Breeder of Merit ParticipantDynasty Miniature American Shepherds is proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit.


Kiana RoseWe dedicate all that we do to Dynasty's Kiana Rose. She was the beginning of a long line of breeding, learning and loving the Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd.

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