Dynasty Minature American Shepherds

Purchase Application

If you are interested, please fill out each of the questions on the Purchase Application Form. You will be entering a 10-12 year relationship with your Miniature American Shepherd, maybe longer. The information you give us about your family and your expectations will help us to pick a puppy that is compatible with your life. We will also be happy to recommend books, training techniques and care for your dog, to help you really enjoy your best friend.

If you do not feel comfortable on the computer, you can call us and we can go over everything on the phone. To reach Fran in Michigan, call (989) 254-4851 or to reach Kim in Georgia, call (912) 572-3045.

Dynasty is responsible for each and every puppy we produce, for their entire life. It is important for us to carefully find homes with the best chance of success and happiness, tailored for each individual puppy.

If you are interested in a puppy with breeding/show potential and would like to co-own the dog with Dynasty Miniature American Shepherds, you can learn more about co-ownership here. You can find the answers to many frequently asked questions about our puppies here.

Please take the time to learn about health issues in the Miniature American Shepherd and visit the ASHGI site. Even with best intentions, careful planning and testing of litters, dogs can have every health issue that people have including epilepsy, eye disorders and hip dysplasia. We wish there were a way to breed every puppy to be free from genetic illness, but this is not possible. We can only do our best. We test all potential breeding prospects for multiple genetic defects before they enter the breeding program.

Miniature American Shepherds are extremely loving, intelligent, versatile and loyal. They excel in agility, fly ball, Frisbee, most any activity-involving interaction with their owners. Their innate desire is to be with you, to protect you, your family, and your home, to please you and be your best friend. We look for homes where our dogs will be a part of the family. We do not sell to owners where our dogs will be yard dogs allowed to roam free. Do not betray this love by chaining them. Miniature American Shepherds will become aggressive if mistreated in this way. They cannot protect while on a chain, which results in frustration and aggression. NEVER CHAIN AN AMERICAN SHEPHERD!

The application process requires approval. We review each application and look for a good match for the puppy and the owner. We evaluate all of our pups for placement, according to structure, temperament and show prospects. While you may have your heart set on a certain color or sex, we base our puppy placements on the best fit for the owner and the puppy. Please know that we strive to find you the lifelong companion you are searching for.

Once your application has been approved, we will notify you to complete the process by filling out the Deposit Agreement. The deposit is $250 for pet puppies and $500 for show and export puppies. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Our pet puppies start at $1,500 on a spay/neuter contract. Show/Breed puppies on a co-own contract are by private treaty.

Thank you for your time and interest. We hope to hear from you!