Dynasty Minature American Shepherds

Deposit Agreement

Fran Withers and, or Kim Johnson, breeders and owners of Dynasty Miniature American Shepherds (hereinafter known as Breeder) and the party entered into the form attached (hereinafter known as Buyer) do hereby enter into the following agreement:

The Buyer has made a nonrefundable deposit of $250 for a pet puppy or $500 for a show or export puppy as a down payment for a Miniature American Shepherd Puppy. The Buyer understands that the color of a puppy should not be the deciding factor. The Breeder will be doing temperament and conformation testing on the litter at 8 weeks old. The results of these tests combined with the Breeder's constant evaluation of each puppy since birth will determine which puppy will go to which home. The goal is to match each puppy's temperament and exercise requirements to a family whose lifestyle accommodates these needs so both the puppy and the family have a happy and successful relationship for a lifetime.

The above deposit represents the Buyer's promise to purchase a puppy out of an upcoming litter and the Breeder's promise to hold a puppy for the Buyer. The deposit is not refundable.

The Breeder will be in contact with the Buyer and updated pictures of the puppies will be placed on Facebook approximately every 2 weeks on our Dynasty Minis page. If the Buyer has any questions, feel free to contact either Fran or Kim via email or at the phone number listed below.

Please make your deposit check payable to Fran Withers for litters in Michigan and to Kim Johnson for litters located in Georgia and mail to the appropriate address:

Fran Withers
4665 Stello Road
Saginaw, MI 48609

Kim Johnson
1100 Fairfax Court
Hinesville, GA 31313