Dynasty Minature American Shepherds

Rosie & Ringo Litter 2013





Rosie & Ringo's pups

Rosie & Ringo's pups at 1 day old

Rosie had a litter of six pups on March 21, 2013. They were all black tris, four boys and two girls. Some very pretty marked pups!

Double R Ringo (MDR1 Normal, Hips Good, Eyes Cleared) is a 15 ½ inch tall black tri male. He is a very loving and gentle boy.

We are looking forward to what this litter will produce. This litter was born in Michigan. This litter was registered as Miniature American Shepherds.

Rosie & Ringo's Pups

The pups are shown here at 8 weeks old.


Fin is a handsome black tri boy, who looks very much like his brother Devin. Fin is adorable with a sweet face and perfect markings. He is a well built boy who enjoys playing, running and all things fun. He is outgoing and happy go lucky.


Daria has a new home in Missouri to a family member of one of our other pups from another litter! We love repeat customers.


Bandit, previously named Aiden, is heading to sunny warm Alabama, where he has a wonderful family and three children to keep him busy.


Devin is heading to Georgia, with the new name of Whiski, joining a wonderful family with two children to keep him busy.


Seth is heading to sunny Florida for a great home with his sister Lora, who will be called Flow. He is keeping his name and his new family has had a puppy shower for the new arrivals.


Lora now has a new name of Flow and will live in sunny Florida with her brother Seth. Her family can't wait to have them both!