Dynasty Minature American Shepherds

Dynasty Minature American Shepherds

About Our Puppies


We hold ourselves to a higher standard of breeding. All breeding stock have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) ratings (hip), eyes cleared and scissors bite. With all of the newly available DNA testing, many are also tested for extensive DNA results. All of our dogs are now currently being registered as Miniature American Shepherds.

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Our Facilities

Our puppies are born and raised in a clean, nurturing environment in our homes. They are well socialized, wormed and started with their shots. Our puppies are given stimulation thoughout the day and night. We spend hours observing, recording and analyzing the puppy behaviors. When they are old enough, they have a large exercise yard outside for play time. We expose our puppies to noise, different dogs when old enough, social situations, car rides, people of all ages to help them to develop a well-rounded personality. At the age of six-weeks-old, we begin to crate train the pups and get them used to being separated from their litter mates for short periods of time. We never allow a puppy to go home prior to eight weeks of age, as it is critical to the puppies development to spend that time with the Dam and siblings.

Dam with litter
Kizzy with her puppies
Dam with litter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a companion puppy and a show puppy?

Honestly not much of a difference. A pet puppy may have a cosmetic issue that disqualifies them from the show ring, but in no way causes an issue in their day-to-day life. It could simply be an ear with too much white, or white splash beyond the withers, or it could be I just do not have any show homes in mind for that particular litter. All puppies are healthy and happy and are bred to the Miniature American Shepherd standard. If you choose to purchase a show puppy for a pet, you will pay the price of a show quality puppy. We also cannot guarantee that the puppies will stay in the size range for the Miniature American Shepherd. Being a newer breed, that is difficult to gauge.

What is a companion puppy?

A companion puppy is a puppy sold with limited registration, meaning there is no ability to register offspring. This does not mean they are not a quality dog - it means that breeding should only be done to better the breed and not be taken lightly. Because there are so many unwanted dogs, it is important that breeding be done with the utmost of care. These dogs can compete in everything that a full registry dog can, with the exception being conformation.

Why do your puppies cost more than the ones in the local paper? I just want a family pet.

They cost more because the cost to raise them is more. It costs money to train and compete with the parents. Involvement in local all-breed and National Specialty clubs help continue breeder education. We use vets who continue their education as well and work with them - basically, we do not cut corners. Our puppies are hand-raised with their mom in our homes. They are handled daily, weighed and fed a diet that allows for optimal growth. It is not cheap to breed responsibly, but it is the only correct way! We strive to have our puppies be ambassadors for our breed. Our dogs are tested for a variety of genetic traits and tests. All breeding dogs have hips evaluated by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), and the results are always available for the potential buyer to review.

I want a specific color/sex.

Our first priority in placing our puppies is to ensure they are the right match for the family they are joining. We do extensive temperament testing to ensure that we have the right home for the puppy. This helps us to have a forever home for our puppies. You can certainly request a color/sex for your puppy and we will make every attempt to honor that request.

Many people will make specific requests for a blue eye, blue merle female with a full white collar. These are not the type of requests that we can fill. Our goal is to have you look beyond the color and see what dog fits your family the best. We have spent years placing not only our puppies, but also with rescue work, and are secure in the fact that we find the best puppy for the new owner.

We think the most important part of a dog is under the fur - there is no bad color!